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E-commerce pack photos

Simple photos to show your customers what they’re buying exactly, increasing trust and sales. [Plain white or one color background]

Styled commercial photos

High-quality and styled images taken in studio that highlight your product features, while also reflecting your brand identity, values, and uniqueness.

Beauty studio photos

Professional campaigns that show your product in action, highlighting its real-life benefits and connecting with customers. [Professional studio included]

Lifestyle photos

Photos to integrate your brand into your customers' lives showing them the products in their own natural environment. [Outdoor location scouting]

Our work process:

Planning your project in detail

Once we decide to work together, I'll ask you to fill up a file with more details about your brand and your business goals. This will help me create content aligned with your audience, your brand identity and values.  While I'm waiting for the package with your products, I'll create and send a moldboard with all the ideas for the shooting. We'll discuss it together to make sure we will be on the same page before the shooting starts.

Taking action

Now everything is ready to start the shooting! Your products have arrived to my studio everything is arranged. Don't worry, I'll keep you fully updated during the whole process and when the shooting will be finished, I'll send you a gallery with all the photos before starting the post-production. It's your moment to select the images and check that everything is good.

Gallery delivery

Once you've confirmed that I can proceed with the post-production, I'll take a few days to retouch your photos in Adobe Photoshop and make them look perfect. Last, I'll share with you the online gallery with the final images in a high quality format.

Sounds good? Let's get started!

Frequently asked questions

I’m based in Dubai, UAE and I work with local and worldwide clients. If you’re not based in Dubai, you can simply send to us a package with your products and we’ll take care of it.

Once the shooting has been finished, if you need your products back, we can send them to the address you provide and the postage will be added to your final invoice. Otherwise we will keep your products safe for future shoots.

It depends of many factors but most of times we complete the shooting and the post production in 2-3 weeks from the moment we receive the products. If you do have a specific deadline, please let us know when you book the shooting.

For sure they will! We will personal receive the products and let you know immediately when they arrive. 

It depends on your shooting needs. Props from our collection studio are included in the price but if you need exclusive props aligned with your business, as fresh flowers or fresh food, there can be an additional fee. 

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