Hello there!

I’m Rebecca and I’m the product photographer and founder of Stilltips Studio. 

I’m here to help you create visual content that matches your brand! I’m specialized in creating styled product photos and videos aligned with your brand identity and values.

Thanks to my knowledge, not only related to photography but to digital marketing and social media, I take a unique approach to create content that helps your  products be more visible online!

Before starting each project I spend a lot of time on the pre-production process, studying your brand identity in detail to make sure I’m going to create content that works for you!

What Stilltips Studio offers isn’t just a service, it’s an experience that understands your needs and finds the best solution for your business.

I was born in Italy and I graduated in Photography and New Media. After that, I worked for a long period in a prestigious Web Agency where I learned about Advertising and Digital Marketing in all its aspects.

Italy wasn’t my place and after finding my real purpose, I decided to move to Alicante, in Spain, to follow my passion for photography. 

Here I founded Stilltips Studio and I started to work with brand all over the world. 

Right now I’m based in Dubai, in United Arab Emirates but I also often spend long periods in Italy, to complete photography projects there. 

If you are from a different country and you would like to work with me, it is easier than what you think.

After deciding to work together, you’ll need to ship a package with your products to my studio and I’ll take care of the rest, keeping you fully uploaded during the all process.