How does commercial photography help your business?

All our packages contain high quality and professional product photos styled to fit your brand identity and reflect your values.

What kind of photos are you looking for?

Creative product photos

High quality product photos styled to fit your brand identity and reflect your values (with props or not). Creation of a concept or theme behind each shooting.

product photos

Simple photos to attractively showcase your customers your products on your website. (white\colored background)


Photos that integrate your brand into your customers' lives showing them what the product does and how they can use it. (With models or human elements)

Not sure which type of photos you need for your business?

No worries, send me an email, I’m going to help offer creative guidance and ideas too.

The experience with her was amazing because in our first meeting, she came with a moodboard full of new ideas for my brand and we had a deep chat to plan the shooting really well! We connected from the first moment and I really liked Rebecca because she is really professional and gentle! From the first moment she understood my brand identity and I really appreciated it! She also delivered the photos really fast and the editing was perfect. I loved the experience with her.


Rocking Flowers

Thank you Rebi for helping me with growing my business. You helped me finding the needs of my costumers and helped me grow from 3000-6000 followers in a few months. You also helped me make more money and build a stronger brand. Thank you for that and I am looking forward for more!

Preben Karlsen

Preben's Norwegian Community

Happy clients

Over the past 6 months, I've worked closely with you on growing the visual aspects of my brand and since day 1 you worked hard from all aspects. The content you produced was outstanding and our workload was very easy. You listened close to feedback and kept improving your creative skills. You have made it very easy for a brand to work with you and you deserve to work with top brands. Thank you so much for pushing the brand forward and we will definitely be working with you again soon!

Ali Farhat


We worked with Stilltips Studio and Rebecca did an amazing job.
Happy with the results.
Highly recommended.

May Mirae


I will 100% be using Stilltips Studio again!
The photos we did for my brand are absolutely beautiful. Rebecca is so sweet and such a professional, and even from a world away we made everything work seamlessly. Cannot recommend enough!!

Monica Elizabeth

Command Cosmetics